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Cardiology Associates of South Florida

Concierge-Style Medicine for Your Health & Happiness

“Listening is the cornerstone of any doctor-patient relationship, especially when it comes to the heart.” – Dr. Lawrence Weinstein

At Cardiology Associates of South Florida, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein combines world-class medicine with the friendly, patient-centered approach of a neighborhood practice. With a skill for making his patients laugh, Dr. Weinstein’s highest goal is to provide an exceptional experience, while giving you care that not only elevates your health, but uplifts your life.

After years of work as a physician, researcher, patient-advocate, author, and public speaker, Dr. Weinstein firmly believes in the power of listening. All too often, he says, doctors diagnose quickly, without ever really listening to their patients; these hasty diagnoses and treatment can result in devastating consequences.

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That’s why, here at Cardiology Associates Boynton Beach, Dr. Weinstein takes so much time and energy with each patient; ensuring every individual gets truly exceptional care. By simply listening to the subtle cues of each patient’s symptoms, Dr. Weinstein provides personalized treatment with truly outstanding results.
About Dr. Weinstein

Highly respected throughout the medical community, Dr. Weinstein is known for his professional expertise, commitment to quality, and dedication to every patient who walks through his door.

“Think one part Sherlock Holmes, one part Marcus Welby, and a dash of Patch Adams,” says writer Skylar Ross when describing the cardiologist. And it’s true; his attention, skill, and personality combine to set Dr. Weinstein above the ordinary physician.

Dr. Weinstein has served as the Chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Bethesda Memorial Hospital. He is currently serving as both the Medical Director of the Chest Pain and Heart Failure Center and the Chairman of the Cardiology Co-Management Committee at Bethesda Memorial Hospital. His leadership and innovative approach to healthcare, ensures the Bethesda Hospital community the very best in cardiac care.

He championed the purchase of a cardiac laser that helps grow new blood vessels in patients with debilitating angina. Dr. Weinstein is a strong advocate for women with heart disease, whose symptoms are so frequently misdiagnosed.

A graduate of the 7 year medical program at the City College of New York,….with the goal of making healthcare more affordable and available to patients in the South Florida community.

Today, Dr. Weinstein is motivated by the inspiring patients he sees here, by his highly dedicated team, and by the desire to provide the most life-changing solutions to every individual. Now it’s your turn. We’re so excited to welcome you here to Cardiology Associates of South Florida.
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A Friendly Practice You Can Trust
With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right cardiologist for you. Your search ends here. Finally, you’ve found a state-of-the-art practice that treats you as the important individual you are. At every level, your health and happiness come first. We can’t wait to meet you, and to give you a truly extraordinary cardiology experience.

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We Deliver Quality Care
Giving Services


We Deliver Quality Care
Giving Services

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  • Quit smoking!
    It is the most important risk factor you have control over. INSPIRING BETTER HEALTH Healthy heart, healthy family Discover More Discover More View Our Services View Our Services GROWING TO MEET YOUR NEEDS ...
  • Get rid of your belly fat through diet and exercise.
    Increased belly fat increases your resistance to insulin. In turn, that can lead to high cholesterol, diabetes and hearts disease.
  • Eat more fish.
    Increasing your intake of Salmon or Tuna can decrease your risk of heart disease by 33%
  • Laugh out loud.
    Laughter reduces stress and reduces potential damage to the inner lining of your blood vessels.
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At Cardiology Associates of South Florida, We’ve hand-selected a team of highly-qualified experts: individuals who deeply believe in giving you the best care possible.

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Office Manager
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Medical Assistant
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