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Home Monitoring

The best way for the specialists at Cardiology Associates of South Florida to understand how a patient’s heart works is to see it in action over time. Cardiac monitoring measures cardiac activity in a way that helps us diagnose abnormal conditions.
To do this, we prescribe a take-home monitor system that measures the electrical activity of the cardiovascular system called an outpatient electrocardiogram machine.
The goal is to measure the electrical activity of the cardiovascular system. An electrocardiogram, or recording of the heart’s electrical activity, can help us detect irregular heartbeats called arrhythmias. The mobile heart rate monitor collects data while living a normal life. A portable monitor provides diagnostic details and helps doctors understand your heart condition. A home monitor means there will be fewer interruptions to your life.
At Cardiology Associates of South Florida, our focus isn’t just on treating your conditions. It’s about maintaining your quality of life during treatment. That’s why the monitors we supply are cutting-edge medical device technology.


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