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Venous Insufficiency - Drlweinstein

Venous Insufficiency

Venous Insufficiency is a condition where veins in the legs trap blood and prevent circulation. Usually, valves in the veins provide blood flow to the heart. But when these valves fail, blood can flow in the opposite direction.

This can cause blood to collect (accumulate) in the legs. Your heart pumps blood to your organs through large channels called arteries. Your veins return the blood to the heart, and the valves in the veins prevent blood from returning. When your veins have difficulty pumping blood from your limbs back to your heart, this is called venous insufficiency.

Blood clots can cause Venous Insufficiency in the legs, and varicose veins can be the most visible symptom.

The Cardiology Associates at South Florida can help treat and correct veinous insufficiency at our widely acclaimed vein clinic specializing in more-than-cosmetic varicose vein correction.


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