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Doctors come from various backgrounds and rely on different experiences to reach medical conclusions. Therefore, their findings and recommendations may vary. For this reason, more and more patients seek second opinions after diagnosis. There are many benefits to getting a second opinion. These benefits include everything from peace of mind and confirmation to new diagnoses or different treatment plans. A second opinion that confirms what you already know is still valuable.
The second opinion may also provide information about other treatment options that your first doctor may not mention. As a result, you will learn more about your condition and make informed decisions about your health care and treatment plan.

Cardiology Associates of South Florida welcome second opinion appointments. Seek an appointment if another doctor-recommended treatment is risky, surgical, invasive, or has lifelong consequences. We are non-invasive experts and have successfully helped patients avoid unnecessary surgery in the past. Never settle for an operation or other invasive procedure without exploring your options. Nobody knows your body better than you.


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