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Valvular Disease - Drlweinstein

Valvular Disease

Valvular Disease includes a wide range of possible diagnoses and occurs when one or more heart valves are not working correctly. Your heart has four valves that allow blood to flow in the right direction. However, in some cases, one or more valves cannot open or close normally. This causes the blood flow from the heart to the body to be interrupted. Each valve has a flap (valve) that opens and closes once in a heartbeat. If one or more valves ceases to function correctly, the blood flow from the heart to the body will stop. Valvular disease can arise due to stress, improper diet, sedentary lifestyles, and infections like Covid 19.

Treatment for Valvular Disease includes medication and lifestyle changes but often requires surgery. However, an accurate diagnosis based on non-invasive cardiac testing from Cardiology Associates of South Florida may help you avoid surgery.


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